A Genuine Black Empowered Company

As will be evident from other sections of this presentation, Boshard Construction Company’s senior management at an early stage in its history were, with one exception, all from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

In the late 1980s this was a highly unusual situation and one which, at that stage, carried none of the tendering advantages available today on certain contracts.

Indeed, there was initially a tendency to distrust and keep away from such companies on the grounds that they lacked the experience and training of the established firm.

By April 2006, when the buy-back of the Grinaker-LTA shares was put through, the company became 100% previously disadvantaged (PD) owned and PD managed – and has continued to be so ever since.

Realising how essential it is to foster other small and medium enterprises, particularly those from the previously disadvantaged backgrounds, Boshard has made a point of finding PD subcontractors and has funded them to purchase materials or hire equipment.  This policy has resulted in their bonding such companies to them and creating many standing relationships with teams capable of producing quality work.  Certain of Boshard’s sub-contractors now work almost exclusively for them.

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