Boshard Construction (Pty) Ltd, a well established (since 1973), management owned construction company is situated at 2 Vlok street, Beaconvale, Cape Town. The company has an 8 GB PE and 8CE PE registration with the Construction Industry Development Board and has been a member of the Western Cape Master Builders and Allied Trades Association since 1976, specialising in civil and building construction, infrastructure development including project management of such processes. Boshard Construction values its customers, employees, natural forms of life and the environment.

We will control and continually improve our activities through the effective implementation and Maintenance of our established Integrated Management System (IMS) conforming with the requirements of the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standard. All employees, suppliers and subcontractors are informed of this policy and are committed to support it and work in accordance with the IMS requirements.

Considering the level of risk associated with activities related to civil and building construction work, we are committed in determining our risk profile, establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an Occupational Health and Safety Management system. Measures are implemented and maintained to manage and reduce injuries, incidents or ill health to our employees, clients, contractors and any other persons.

Similarly Boshard Construction has established processes to manage and control its civil and building construction activities to ensure all the customer requirements and other requirements related to the product characteristics are achieved with minimum controlled impact on the environment, preventing the significance of such impact in the various forms of environmental pollution.

Boshard Construction has established, implemented and will maintain measures to ensure all applicable legal compliance obligations are met. Objectives related to product and process Quality, Health and Safety, and the impact of its processes on the environment are continually set with supporting action plans to ensure the objectives are achieved and to continually improve performance of its management systems.

This policy statement reflects the values of Boshard Construction and is continually reviewed to remain relevant. This policy is made available for relevant interested parties.